Concrete repair is usually undertaken for two reasons, for example, when concrete structures have visual defects and they want to restore the original shape of the structure, i.e. the reason is aesthetic. The second most common reason is the reduction of the bearing capacity of load-bearing concrete structures due to the rusting of reinforcement. Although the reason for the repair is different in the latter case, the result is the same, i.e. the structure is restored and visually regains its original shape and constructively its original properties.

As with any other work, the first thing to do is find out what caused the damage. If there are problems with load-bearing reinforced concrete structures, it is reasonable to turn to construction experts and engineers, who will find out the compressive strength of the concrete, the depth of carbonization and the extent of corrosion of the reinforcements during the examination. If the project is small, the renovation solutions and proposals can also be submitted in the expert report, but in the case of larger and more important facilities or buildings, it is always reasonable to order a separate project for the restoration of reinforced concrete structures, i.e. concrete repair.

Globally, it has been claimed that over 50% of concrete repairs fail again within two years. Such a result is every owner’s nightmare. Traveter Group specializes in working with various concrete repair systems and using them in the repair of very different reinforced concrete structures. As we have been successfully operating in the field of concrete repair for over 15 years and want to continue doing so, we cannot afford to fail. Fortunately, there haven’t been any, because we are very dedicated to planning and preparation.

Given the vast amount of concrete structures that surround us on a daily basis, it’s easy to take concrete for granted. Just as we need to take care of ourselves, concrete also needs to be taken care of, because concrete is also affected by the loads and stresses of everyday life.

Concrete structures are subjected to various chemical and mechanical stresses. Weather, traffic, movement, freeze/thaw, salts and corrosive gases and liquids attack our structures. When damage occurs, it must be repaired and restored to ensure a long or longer service life.

Concrete deterioration can occur due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, seismic activity, or many other causes. Years of practical experience have enabled us to offer complete solutions for the restoration and renovation of concrete structures.

Concrete repair can be done with different systems and methods. Part 9 of the European standard EN-1504 defines the principles for the application of repair mortars, both by machine and by hand.

Basic concrete repair works performed by Traveter Grupp OÜ:

  • determination of carbonization depthVesilennukite angaaride betooniremont. Concrete repair
  • current removal of loose concrete and opening of reinforcement
  • cleaning rusted reinforcing steel with sandblasting
  • corrosion protection of reinforcing steel
  • concrete repair with concrete repair systems
  • concrete repair by shotcreting
  • concrete repair of bridges, tanks, balconies, etc. concrete structures

Basic concrete repair equipment:

  • pressure washers with different pressures
  • sand blasters and compressors
  • different pumps for fast corrosion protection of reinforcement
  • screw pumps for quick application of various concrete repair mixtures
  • two types of shotcrete pumps, both for dry and wet methods

The main material suppliers are Rudus AS, Sakret OÜ and Primostar OÜ

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