Concrete repair of Papiniidu bridge beam

Concrete repair of Papiniidu bridge beam.

You can read what exactly happened in the local newspaper Pärnu Postimees 18.07.2012.

Traveter Grupp OÜ together with Nordecon Betoon OÜ carried out the restoration of the Papiniidu bridge beam. Nordecon Betoon removed loose and broken concrete and bent and damaged rebar. The new reinforcements were connected to the existing ones by welding. The concrete installation was carried out using the shotcrete method, for which a Sika Aliva dry shotcrete pump was used. Since the reinforcement of such a load-bearing beam is very dense, shotcrete requires great precision and skills, so that the result is void-free and dense concrete around the reinforcement. Otherwise, the beam would not work.

11 years later, when updating this entry, I am happy to say that the bridge is still working and everything is fine with the repaired bridge beam.

Category: Concrete repair
Address: City of Pärnu
Completed in: 2012
Client: Noredcon Betoon OÜ

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